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How to Feel Better Even When Something Does Not Work Out

Before I start anything, I just want to encourage everyone in the U.S. who has not yet had the opportunity, to please go out and vote. Your voice matters more than you know.  

So, it was just my birthday – in such a crazy year, in such wild times. I usually don’t make a big deal out of it, but this year, for some reason, it has more meaning. I feel more grateful in general, for the little things, the messages and phone calls that have come my way. Interestingly, I am...

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Forgiveness = Freedom: 7 ways to reclaim your life

You cannot erase memories, but you can let go of the heavy energy that is attached to them.” – Yung Pueblo


No one can go through life without being hurt by another human - often it’s not intentional, but it can certainly feel that way. What do you do with those emotions? How do you transcend, forgive and move on?



Sometimes forgiveness has two levels – the more obvious is forgiving someone else who hurt us or someone we love. But...

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