Break Out Of Emotional Overwhelm

7 Day Online Course


Take Me There!

DESIRE - Day 1

Tap into your desire and set your priorities. You'll uncover which passions propel you forward, and how to work with those that hold you back.

FEAR - Day 2

Learn to manage your mind when fears arise and how fear can be useful to activate your intuition and develop greater courage in life.


Why being "normal" is a confidence killer. Why embracing your true nature is a fast track to confidence.  Activate your inner warrior!


Overcome your anxiety as you decode its clues.  Identify strategies to recenter in times of stress. 


Shame is like a mushroom, it grows in the dark!  Turn the light on shame and find new emotional freedom! 


Once you've let go of shame, you can revitalize your ability to connect with yourself and others.  Feel your life opening up! 


Discover five keys to sustainable happiness and how your habits can elevate your energy and help you create your very best life. 

Break Out Of Emotional Overwhelm

Change Your Relationship With Your Emotions in 7 Days!



  1. Day 1: DESIRE - This is the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week.  Fine tune your priorities, identify healthy desires, and those that are holding you back.  Marie Kondo your goals and cut the clutter! 
  2. Day 2: FEAR Fear keeps us stuck. Learn to manage your mind when fears arise and how fear can be useful to activate your intuition and develop greater courage in life.
  3. Day 3: CONFIDENCE Break free from the prison of perfectionism and express your authentic voice. Your uniqueness is your power.
  4. Day 4: ANXIETY - Learn to dial down anxiety and identify your own toolbox of strategies so you can progress towards your dreams unencumbered by unlikely scenarios.
  5. Day 5: GUILT & SHAME - Distinguish between guilt and shame and find the number one secret to emotional freedom. 
  6. Day 6: SELF-ACCEPTANCE Discover the three keys to self-acceptance and how to choose a mindset that will build resiliency and keep you moving forward no matter what.
  7. Day 7: VIBRANCY Discover how to awaken sustainable joy, integrate your priorities and set a strong foundation to support your growth over the next year. 

Take Back Your Emotions Today

Times are different these days. So many of us are overwhelmed by all the uncertainty. An easier way is to become more aware of your emotions, listen to them and even use them to make progress in EVERY aspect of your life. Here's how:


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