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Break Out Of Emotional Overwhelm

These are difficult times, and with difficult times, challenging emotions may arise. This 7-module course will help you change your relationship with your emotions in 7 days. 

Focusing on one emotion at a time, each emotion has a video and a worksheet to help you decode and harness its power to help fuel you forward. It's time to stop stuffing your feelings and start using them to ignite your life!

This challenge covers:

DESIRE - This is the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week. Fine tune your priorities, identify healthy desires, and those that are holding you back. Marie Kondo your goals and cut the clutter!

FEAR - Fear keeps us stuck. Learn to manage your mind when fears arise and how fear can be useful to activate your intuition and develop greater courage in life.

CONFIDENCE - Break free from the prison of perfectionism and express your authentic voice. Your uniqueness is your power.

ANXIETY - Learn to dial down anxiety and identify your own toolbox of strategies so you can progress towards your dreams unencumbered by unlikely scenarios.

GUILT & SHAME - Distinguish between guilt and shame and find the number one secret to emotional freedom.

SELF-ACCEPTANCE - Discover the three keys to self-acceptance and how to choose a mindset that will build resiliency and keep you moving forward no matter what.

VIBRANCY - Discover how to awaken sustainable joy, integrate your priorities and set a strong foundation to support your growth over the next year.