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Emotional Revolution: Deep Dive

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Untie your negative emotions

Examine what they are telling you

Set course and live in line with your values!

View ALL of Your Emotions as Assets

Founder of Project Happiness Global, a non-profit organization helping millions around the world learn the skills to live their best lives, Randy Taran takes you through a two hour workshop on how to stop avoiding the tough emotions and how to use them to your advantage.

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For over a decade Randy has been digging into the Science of Happiness and sharing best practices with the people who need it most; our youth and local communities.  

Being able to cultivate happiness however doesn't mean that negative feelings and experiences go away.  Now Randy brings us insight into what to do with the emotions we'd rather ignore.  I will cover: 

• Happiness
• Sadness
• Desire
• Fear
• Anxiety
• Confidence
• Anger
• Tolerance, Acceptance, and Empathy
• Guilt and Shame
• Love

Author, producer, philanthropist, high performance coach and speaker, she  has created curriculum and programs used in educational and community settings, even prisons and women's shelters around the globe.  She also leads professional workshops for corporations and summits and helps individuals identify their goals and create their best lives.  Join her as she focus' on the tough topics that we usually sweep under the rug, and have yourself an emotional revolution.

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