Randy Taran


I’m Randy. For years, I have been on a quest to uncover authentic happiness - I wanted to know and share everything about it and have been blessed through my non-profit to reach people of every age around the globe.

Recently however, so many more of you have been asking about anxiety, anger, fear, loneliness... how to navigate the tough stuff. These are questions we are all facing in some form or other. 

My newest book, Emotional Advantage explores how your emotions, when you know how to use them, can fuel you forward, give you more clarity, inner confidence and direction. Every feeling offers messages to guide you back to your core self - your true nature.

My mission is to help you create your best life; and this book is a perfect place to start. I’m excited for all that will open up for you as you begin.

My Story

Sitting across the kitchen table, my teenager whispered, "I want to be happy but I don’t know how." As the situation became more intense in school and at home, signs of depression became more evident and I had no idea what to do. It rocked me to the core to see my child suffering and I ached for a way to help. I asked myself, "Where were the resources, how many more were suffering, and why are we not talking about this?" This was the beginning of my journey, and the catalyst for starting the pro-purpose, non-profit, Project Happiness. Though the inspiration was personal, it was soon evident that the issue at hand was global. My vision in finding resources to help my own child soon expanded to the dream of World Happiness Cultivation! Now I am more than excited to bring you my brand new book, Emotional Advantage: Embracing All Your Feelings To Create A Life You Love.

Bio: Randy Taran believes deeply in the human spirit and our ability to make a difference in each other’s lives. As founder and CEO of Project Happiness, Randy has created an organization that has amassed a loyal following of 2.5 million people globally.  She has produced an award-winning documentary on the nature of happiness featuring George Lucas, Richard Gere, neuroscientist Richard Davidson, and the Dalai Lama and has co-written a book on happiness that has become the basis for curriculum in over 120 countries. She has worked with First Ladies, Ministers of Education, and major thought leaders, been covered in O magazine, Yoga Journal, and the Huffington Post, and served as a board member for the Dalai Lama Foundation and the UN-sanctionedInternational Day of Happiness. Randy speaks internationally, and at venues like TEDx, Google, and Stanford University, on the topics of happiness habits, preventative wellness and emotional resilience.


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