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Emotional Advantage

Embracing All Your Feelings to Create a Life You Love

Emotions can be challenging. Learn how they can guide you. Discover your Emotional Advantage

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The word "emotion" means energy in motion. Whether positive or negative, each is packed not only with energy, but a lot of information.


  • How even the most troublesome emotions are sending messages to alert, protect and fuel you forward
  • How fear can move you to courage
  • How guilt can clarify your values
  • How anger can help you create healthy boundaries
  • To use your feelings as a pathway to guide you back to your inner compass. 


Discover how to use ALL your emotions to create your very best life.


"I LOVE THIS BOOK! I'm going to get it for all four of my teenagers and every single one of my clients. Well-researched, soulful, and eminently practical, Emotional Advantage is eye-opening and inspiring. An absolute must-read for anyone seeking inner peace, greater confidence, or unlimited joy."

Christine Carter, PhD
Sociologist & Senior Fellow Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley, Author of Raising Happiness and The Sweet Spot

"Happiness is an evolving field and Emotional Advantage is the up-to-date dispenser of the latest in research and practices. Randy shows how to handle one’s negative emotions and sustain one’s positive emotions. Written in a friendly yet carefully researched manner this book offers clear guidance to a better and more skillful life. "

Dr. Fred Luskin
Bestselling author of Forgive for Good

"Randy Taran's words are informative and transformative, interesting and enlightening. Reading Emotional Advantage felt like embarking on a journey, at the end of which I felt more deeply connected to myself and to others. Don't just read this book, engage with it! Do the exercises, apply its wisdom, open yourself up to the richness of your emotional life."

Tal Ben-Shahar
New York Times bestselling author of Happier

"Emotional Advantage is a MUST-READ for everyone: leaders, parents, in fact, all of us who dare to envision new possibilities, to embrace the bright and beautiful, and to skillfully and gently face the inevitable struggles in life with grace and love. Randy Taran offers us a wise, honest, and well-researched map to true, sustainable and transformative happiness."

Carole Pertofsky
Director of Wellness and Health Promotion Services, Stanford University

"Randy Taran, in a fresh and accessible way, reminds us that life isn’t about avoiding pain. Even negative emotions are arrows pointing to our evolution. Every emotion has much to reveal when we know how to chart our inner landscape."

Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Clinical Psychologist and Author of The Awakened Family

So grateful to have met such wonderful people along my journey...


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