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You are ready for more than just a change. You are ready to Ignite Your Life. Meet your new coach!

She's been in the industry for over a decade, a master in NLP, a sought-after international speaker on the topics of happiness habits, preventative wellness, and emotional resilience.  Her best-selling book on happiness became the basis for curriculum in over 120 countries worldwide.  She has worked with First Ladies, Ministers of Education, and major thought leaders, for nearly a decade has served as a board member of the Dalai Lama Foundation and is on the board of the United Nations-sanctioned International Day of Happiness.

Now Randy can be YOUR personal coach teaching you how to view your emotions in a new light to reach new levels of joy, confidence and fulfillment in your life.


You Have A Spark 

Even if it's hard to see, you were born with a spark, with unique talents and a purpose in this world. 

Knowledge is power! Self-Awareness is A Game Changer!  

Identify your inner spark that you've been neglecting.

You Can Ignite It 

Use your desires, values and authentic voice to ignite your progress.

No matter what challenges you may face (including your own worst critic - yourself!), you will learn to reset your mindset, proceed with self-compassion and grow "Happy Habits," the foundation of creating a life you love. 

Use It As Fuel To Live Your Best Life

Concepts don't cut it...consistent action is what builds your confidence and achieves results. 

I show you how to harness all your emotions, give you a system to overcome overwhelm and the support  to create sustainable positive change.   

Life can be overwhelming... Do you ever feel like you're:

  • Stuck in a rut
  • Knowing that you're not even near your full potential...OR you're ready for something new.
  • Repeating the same patterns that keep you in the same place
  • Sensing that your relationships and love life could be better
  • Feeling frustration at work, but don’t have the next steps
  • Helping everyone else, but have no time or energy for yourself
  •  Tired, burnt out and wanting to feel more energized in your body and spirit
Get Coaching, Change Your Life, Cancel Anytime!

Included in Every Membership:

2 Hours of Coaching

Each month we explore a relevant new topic, sharing scientific research and actionable everyday strategies all designed with your success in mind.  

Weekly Inspiration

Each week you'll receive a new email with an inspirational activity building on the months theme so that you are continually making progress towards your goals. 

Supportive Community

Change can be exhilarating and even scary to those around us - connect with like minded Igniters in a private Facebook Group to share your successes and get encouragement on your challenges.  


Live Q&A

Each month you can ask me your questions and many will be addressed in the live Q&A. 

Expert Interviews

Member only access to full interviews with industry experts such as Dr. Karen Neff, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Tal-Ben Shahar as well as standouts from the member community

Member Discounts

Member Only Discounts that are available across Project Happiness Programs and Resources as well as RandyTaran.com.

"I suffered from depression last year for the first time in my life. I have done a lot of work myself, changing the way I think, expressing and recognizing the small things in life to feel grateful for, letting go of other people's perception of me, etc. I look forward to your inspiration, to keep my thoughts positive and focus on the important things in life. "

Lisa McCarthy
Nurse Practitioner, Texas

"Ignite is "uplift" for me and for my family. The language is somehow clearer and more specific than one usually finds around each of these issues. . . And the practical guides are simple and effective. You've provided us not with answers but springboards, and a refreshing plunge into new waters."

Kristen Hoffmann
Entrepreneur, Mother

"My personal motto was “Learn, Change, Grow.“ Randy has helped me to add to my ever-evolving philosophies so now my motto is ”Learn, Change, Grow and Change the World!” Working with Randy has been amazing and I can honestly say I am better because of it - in particular I refer often to the self-affirming words in the State of Excellence exercise. I could go on and on! "

Karina Coleman
Superintendent of Schools




  • LIVE COACHING every month with Randy for 2 hours!
  • Free replays as long as you are a member!
  • Weekly inspirational practice, exercise, download or habit to encourage progress.
  • BONUS $129 Emotional Empowerment Week course, FREE upon signup!
  • BONUS Passion, Purpose and Joy Workshop ($247 Value)
  • BONUS: Introductory exercise to target where you should focus ($97 value).
Pay As You Go Monthly Coaching



  • Limited time: Over 50% off if you join for a year! 
  • Same benefits as monthly life coaching: Live 2-hour training with Randy every month, weekly inspirational email and download, expert interviews and more. 
  • BONUS $129 Emotional Empowerment Week course, FREE upon signup!
  • BONUS: Introductory exercise to target where you should focus ($97 value).
  • BONUS: Annual Subscribers Only: Get Randy's full online course, "Create Your Best Life Course" - for FREE with this plan! ($347 Value)
Join Annual and Receive Over 50% Off - Limited Time

Virtual Small Group "Soul Bootcamp" With Randy



  • Meet twice monthly with Randy and have your questions answered in an intimate group setting.
  • Space is VERY limited!!!
  • Goal and project oriented with weekly email and project updates.
  • If you ever want to get coaching with me, this is the entry point.
  • Private support group.

  • Member discounts

  • Expert interviews

  • BONUS: Free Copy of Emotional Advantage
  • BONUS: Create Your Best Life Course FREE ($347 Value)
Accomplish Your Goals Faster with Personal Feedback and Coaching.

Who Gets Coaching?
People ready for change.

Insight+Action+Support = Change

My deepest joy is to help you to help you reach your next level of soul-aligned success, to:

  •     Regain your clarity, cut through the clutter, and determine what changes are most important to YOU in living your fullest life.
  •     Insight: Identify the emotional patterns and limiting beliefs, tired mindsets that keep you stuck.
  •     Not only manage your emotions, but use them as a guidance system to let go what no longer serves you and help you prioritize what you (not others) value most.
  •     Develop science-based habits to support your happier healthier more energized life.
  •     Improve your confidence and relationships: at home, at work and in the world.
  •     Trust in your ability to ignite your spark, your true essence and activate it to rise to your potential, and inspire others along the way.
  • Be part of a like-minded community designed to encourage your resilience and celebrate your progress.  .
Start Your Journey. Change Your Life. Cancel Anytime.

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