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How to Let Go + Find Greater Freedom

Have you ever felt that you needed to switch things up a bit?  Have you instinctively known that a part of you was ready for a shift? And that shift did not involve discovering new pursuits, people or passions. It was more subtle, more like a quiet call…a softer invitation to go inwards and rest in yourself?

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This has been true for me. It was not something sudden – it’s been a feeling that has been growing, and I guess, for the first time in a very long while, I decided not to override it. Instead, the inner whisper said to honor it, allow it to draw me inwards, and to rest in a place of reflection. It has been a great gift and here are some ways I’ve noticed to open the door to these new energies:

1. Create some space for quiet. It does not have to be a full-on retreat or separation from daily life. On the contrary, it is about finding peace within the activity, carving time amidst the cacophony of obligations. It could be two minutes to  sit quietly, or 5 minutes to journal, or 10 minutes to be with yourself as you walk outside. You design the timing and the place. 


2. Don’t have an agenda. There are too many things you are juggling already. This is  your time to recalibrate towards a newer cadence – one that is in rhythm with you heart.


3. Intentionally generate gratitude. Flood you experience with past memories, current thoughts and future previews of people, things or places you are grateful for – the tinier the better. Know that you are cultivating a growing ability to BE on the lookout and to surface these ordinary yet magical moments. They resonate because they are aligned with out souls.  What are you grateful for now and going forward?


4. Release control. During this time, I have also been releasing old patterns from the past; old conditioning that’s recently come into my awareness. I have never thought of myself as a controlling person, but upon reflection I can see that even the act of worrying about someone and then stepping in to try to “help” (code name for “fix” or “save”) them… this was doing neither of us any good in the long run. When we see people as capable, they have a chance to learn to trust themselves.


5. Let go of guilt. Realizing that you did your best, with the awareness you had then is like a key to let us out of mental prison.  That clarity also prevents us from having to relive and ruminate on past situations that we can actually not change. We can however, reinterpret them in a way that allows us to learn, be stronger and understand the dynamics in a deeper way.

This is the doorway to self-acceptance and self-love, which is the foundation for all lasting internal change. It doesn’t come from the intellect. It does show up in the body, for sure. But peace is most definitely an inside job, and that quality, above all, gives your spirit permission to shine. 


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