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Happiness Over 50, Pt. 1

alignment happiness health Feb 14, 2024

If you’re over 50, or heading in that direction, it’s a wakeup call to start taking care of yourself. I know you are probably so used to taking care of others, but it’s imperative that you start to look after yourself too. Today we’ll talk about what that can look like, and i’ll be introducing an array of topics in the weeks ahead.


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5 things I Know Now & Wish I’d Learned in My 30’s

alignment energy happiness Jan 17, 2024

When we are running around in our 30’s and on, getting older is something that most people dread. But what if instead of getting worse, life got better in many ways? Here are 5 things I wish I knew earlier on.


     1. Your Happiness Increases

If you think that the happiest years are when you are younger, and after that everything goes downhill, that’s something we are used to seeing in the culture, but it is not the way life plays out. Research based on the...

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Finding Your Inner Strength

In the wake of all that is going on in Ukraine, where so many people are risking life and limb for what they believe, and for their family and country’s future, it’s made me start thinking about the nature of courage and strength. What is it really? And how do we call on it when it is needed?


1. Align with your values 

Tapping into your inner strength works better when what you want, or what you are fighting for is important to you on a core deep level. Are you...

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