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5 Ways Not To Lose It When You Don’t Agree!


We all wish we could have peace all the time, but a funny thing - life happens. In this climate of close quarters, high stress, and divisiveness, these skills can help you more than you know. Whether it’s friendship issues, political views, or parent-child struggles, here are 5 things to do when you find yourself in an atmosphere of disagreement and even judgment.


1. Pay Attention To Your Emotions:

When there is tension between you and others, if others are taking a...

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Angry? Watch this before doing something you regret!


Let’s understand what anger is...

Anger is part of our emotional vocabulary.  Maybe you’ve felt anger towards yourself, a family member, colleague, partner, the dog, traffic, the state of the world (who hasn't....).  There are many degrees of anger ranging from frustration to white hot rage.

Anger is a signal that something is not right - maybe a boundary has been violated, maybe you feel you are being prevented from getting something you really want;...

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