Angry? Watch this before doing something you regret!


Let’s understand what anger is...

Anger is part of our emotional vocabulary.  Maybe you’ve felt anger towards yourself, a family member, colleague, partner, the dog, traffic, the state of the world (who hasn't....).  There are many degrees of anger ranging from frustration to white hot rage.

Anger is a signal that something is not right - maybe a boundary has been violated, maybe you feel you are being prevented from getting something you really want; perhaps you have been hurt so much that you cannot take it anymore, maybe you feel appalled or helpless about some circumstances or situation right now.

Alternatively, anger is also sometimes a mask for more painful emotions like shame, fear or the ego wanting to protect you and it just feels safer to show up as anger.

The emotion of anger is neither good nor bad.
Like any emotion, it’s conveying a message, telling you that a situation is upsetting, or unjust,...

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