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Speaking with Aaron Gendle

We're taught to feel comfortable with the positive emotions, but when we're confronted with the more difficult ones, most people want to run the other way.  When we do that we're missing a huge opportunity, because they carry a lot of information.

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Aaron Gendle of the Daily Authors Podcast about my book Emotional Advantage and my experience writing it.  In case you missed it I highly encourage you to catch the podcast replay here, but here are some of the highlights! 



Interview highlights: 


  • Our emotions are an inner guidance system that we all have if we know how to use them.  So we're comfortable with happiness and joy, but taught that anger and fear and the like are negative and should be avoided or repressed. But they aren't negative at all, we just don't know how to use them. 


  • My chapter on Happiness explains how I created 7 categories to create greater happiness in your life.  It correlates Happiness Habits into the days of the week, and are backed by science.  You can sign up to receive them here.


  • Instead of shutting down the difficult emotions like anger or fear - learn to use them skillfully.  Try to invite them in like a guest, practice being with them and listening to see what it is they are trying to tell you. 


  •  One of my favorite quotes is, "failure is not the opposite of success, it's a part of success" from Arianna Huffington.  When I have a challenging moment or period, I try to see what it is trying to teach me and learn from it.  It's an opportunity for growth. 


  • Writing the book has allowed me to access and examine my "shadow side."  There is a saying that what you desire to teach you needed to learn yourself, so it's important to pay attention!   


Be sure to listen to the whole interview here!   

If you want to learn more about your own emotions, pick up a copy of Emotional Advantage, sign up for Ignite Monthly Membership or work with me! 



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