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How to Harness Hope

 Now, with so much going on in the world that is out of our control, how do we feel hope and a sense of agency in our lives? How can we feel that life is progressing? Here's a thought. Are you open to waking up the resilience, the resourcefulness, and the fearlessness that are at the core of who you are? Your true essential self is very strong. You were born with this inner strength and with the capacity for resilience. The good news is that these can be easier to access under...

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Signs of Hope in Tumultuous Times

While uncertainty is fanning the flames of fear, the flipside is that this is also an opportunity to manage our reactions, step into our strongest selves and help others do the same.


This is a super-challenging period, there is no doubt, but within that, what if we could also understand that we have two options: to drop into fear, or to take another perspective – one that helps us navigate these times, and come together to get through this global pandemic.


What if we...

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