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7 Ways to Find Success No Matter What You Have Faced

Have you ever heard a story of someone who had unimaginable odds stacked against them, yet was able to find their own path to success? Recently, I had a conversation with Jim Markham, author of Big Lucky, whose life and lessons are nothing short of inspiring. We begin with: Jim, you had an incredibly rough childhood. Your mom suffered to maintain sobriety, your dad left you, and you were bullied at school. I can't get the image out of my head of a young boy left in a cold car, eyes...

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A Proven Way to Feel Better

You have answers inside yourself for questions you may not have even yet asked. 

When life seems to be getting too intense and you are not handling it as well as you’d like; when you come down on yourself for not showing up in a way you are proud of… here is one practice that will

  • Give you clarity
  • Help heal your discontent
  • Give you ideas to move forward 


Ready?  So, what is bothering you?  What is the main thing that's making you feel insecure,...

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How to Deal with Overwhelm!

Overwhelm has been described as 20-foot wave crashing into you. We all have those moments when it all gets to be too much. Too much pressure, too much intensity of anger, sadness, fear, or worry can all provoke either an outburst, a state of paralysis, or even panic.  Waves are never static though, they come and go. What if you had more ways to surf the wave, and bring you back to yourself? Here are some reminders that you CAN take agency in your life....

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3 Keys to Emotional Resilience


Resilience can be seen two ways - like a tree that sways in the storm but doesn't break, OR it can be what in Japan is called Kintsugi - the idea of repairing a ceramic bowl with gold in the broken places - the quality of putting together the broken pieces, to create something new, stronger and even more beautiful. Broken but repaired. Not shattered but stronger.


One thing that is a huge help is our perspective. There is a wonderful piece going around the internet, called WE ARE NOT IN...

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3 Things To Say to Yourself When Times Are Hard

Everyone faces times when life presents challenges:

  • Maybe, you are starting a new job or ending an old one
  • Maybe a relationship you’ve depended on feels strained
  • Maybe some health issues are cropping up and you are worried
  • Maybe a family member is so emotional you don’t know what to do
  • Or it could be the daily things – like stuck in traffic, lost phone, a friend cancels

What do these all have in common?

You are expecting a certain result, and it’s not...

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