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7 Ways to Find Success No Matter What You Have Faced

Have you ever heard a story of someone who had unimaginable odds stacked against them, yet was able to find their own path to success? Recently, I had a conversation with Jim Markham, author of Big Lucky, whose life and lessons are nothing short of inspiring. We begin with: Jim, you had an incredibly rough childhood. Your mom suffered to maintain sobriety, your dad left you, and you were bullied at school. I can't get the image out of my head of a young boy left in a cold car, eyes nearly frozen shut with tears, waiting for his mom to return, and finally knocking on all the doors on that street to find her. No one answered...


During a roller coaster life, Jim went on to become a serial entrepreneur, a visionary leader in the beauty industry, winner of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year, and the Intercoiffure Lifetime Achievement award. Emerging from a soul-crushing background, he now provides hope to others. You can catch the interview above, and here are 7 of the many takeaways from his book to fuel a feeling that nothing is impossible.


Life is Dynamic

We may meet all sorts of bullies along our path, sometimes, even the ones we love the most. Realize that you have no control over another person’s choices or behaviors. Adapt to new challenges. Life is dynamic and circumstances do change.



Develop Your Skills

Find something you are drawn to, and spend every spare moment trying to improve your skills. Invest in learning more, when you can. Work hard. You will find someone you can depend upon – yourself.



Look for and Grab Opportunities

Envision yourself succeeding. Inspiring books can broaden your horizons. When facing a challenge, give it your all – you will surprise yourself with how far you can stretch. Progress comes from being willing to get into action.



Guard Your Energy

You cannot run on an empty tank. Don’t let the critics and haters affect your spirit, or your goals. Don’t let emotions overrule reason. It helps to recognize your weaknesses, and work hard to improve. Then when one way isn’t working, try another way. Remind yourself not to give in to the Imposter Syndrome – you are good enough.



Mistakes Are Part of Life

It’s normal to make mistakes. Choose to learn from them and pivot. Errors don’t have to be fatal, as long as you move to correct them. Sometimes you have to slow down, and re-evaluate, to move fast. Find solution-oriented people who enjoy a challenge. There is always a step to take. Don’t contribute to negativity.



You Can’t Always Save The People You Love

Even with best intentions, we can’t repair the damage someone has done to themselves, but we can take steps to heal ourselves and strengthen our relationships. Choose healthy relationships and make room for the important people in your life. Practice gratitude daily.



Let in Love and Give It Back

No one person has all the answers. Ask for help when you need it and find successful people to guide you in different areas of your life. In turn, give back to people and causes that you believe in. Success without giving back is not success.



Final Thoughts

Think of a problem as an opportunity to find a better way. If you’re down, dream about success, and use your pain to fuel you forward. Remember, no one was made to lose. Use the gifts that God gave you. We were all designed to succeed.


Learn more @ Big Luckyhttps://www.jimmarkham.com/big-lucky/



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