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What Relationship “Type” Are You?


We all want better relationships - at the end of the day that’s what we’ll remember, right? Today we’re talking about a brand new way to know how compatible you are with the important people in your life.


 Know Yourself - most people go through life unconscious that we have been conditioned to react or take on certain roles because of how we were brought up. Love and relationships start when we are babies, and we develop certain coping mechanisms as ways...

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7 Ways to Find Success No Matter What You Have Faced

Have you ever heard a story of someone who had unimaginable odds stacked against them, yet was able to find their own path to success? Recently, I had a conversation with Jim Markham, author of Big Lucky, whose life and lessons are nothing short of inspiring. We begin with: Jim, you had an incredibly rough childhood. Your mom suffered to maintain sobriety, your dad left you, and you were bullied at school. I can't get the image out of my head of a young boy left in a cold car, eyes...

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