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Post-Traumatic GROWTH!

Post-Traumatic Growth, PTG, is all about going through something harrowing, but instead of it flattening you, it can make you bounce back stronger, have greater meaning, and make you feel more alive. Sound good?



Though this term is not as widely known, many people have heard of PTSD, post­-traumatic stress disorder, which can start when people witness sudden life­ threatening events: the shocking death of someone you love,  a violent personal assault, a...

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3 Keys to Emotional Resilience


Resilience can be seen two ways - like a tree that sways in the storm but doesn't break, OR it can be what in Japan is called Kintsugi - the idea of repairing a ceramic bowl with gold in the broken places - the quality of putting together the broken pieces, to create something new, stronger and even more beautiful. Broken but repaired. Not shattered but stronger.


One thing that is a huge help is our perspective. There is a wonderful piece going around the internet, called WE ARE NOT IN...

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