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How to Find Joy Every Day: 5 Secrets for a Happier New Year

focus freedom joy Dec 28, 2023

While so many start a new phase or a new year with resolutions, it can be a setup for disappointment. Don't do it! Here are some practical pathways to set you up for more freedom, focus and joy. Not only are they straightforward and easy, they’ll give an instant boost and set you up for a happier and more meaningful year. Let’s dive in: 


1.     Unsubscribe: to all the subscriptions you no longer are interested in. If you haven’t used them, then lose them. Create more space – lighten your digital load – it’s liberating. And while you’re at it, unfollow any accounts that make you feel “less than” or "not enough." You might want to replace one or two of these with content that just make you laugh.


2.     Simplify: we have a limited amount of decision-making or will power energy; that’s why if we simplify, it’s easier to both have mental peace and get stuff done. Consider what’s most important to you: your health/fitness, a creative project, spiritual practice, or work that you enjoy, (it could be entirely different - you will know) and bump that to the top of your list. Try to get to it earlier in the day. Drop or outsource some things you never get around to. When you reduce the decisions you have to make, you increase your freedom and life satisfaction. If you love this idea, consider decluttering a drawer, your closet, or junky foods from your kitchen too. 


3.     Drink More Water: It’s good for your skin; (dehydration can lead to premature wrinkling); water affects brain function and energy levels; it protects joint and organs; and let’s just say, it keeps everything flowing. If you feel tired, it's often a sign that you need to hydrate. We’ve all heard of drinking 8 glasses of water per day. But it varies from person to person. (One good gauge is that you want the color of your pee to be light yellow or clear.) The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking a glass of water 

·      With each meal and between meals 

·      Before, during and after exercise 

·      If you feel thirsty 

Don't underestimate the body and brain's need for H2O. 


4.     Align with Your Values: Reflect on your top 3 values, and make sure one of them is self-care because that’s necessary to get anything done – you have to have enough energy to be present for what’s most important to you in your life. Power naps are pretty good too. Sometimes when I’m feeling some brain fog or fatigue, (for me it’s usually in the afternoon) I’ll set the timer to power nap for 20 minutes... and feel amazing after. So may cultures have this built in. Give it a try. 



5.     Make it Mini: Instead of setting up big expectations, consider setting up mini goals/actions, perhaps 2-3 per month. Such as: 

·      find out how much time you really spend on your phone (many apps help with  this), 

·      make it a point to walk more

·      challenge yourself to inject something to look forward to - one joyful thing -  into each day.  

The way it works is that when you begin by discerning your top values, and have them lead you to aligned intentional activities, the outcome is more joy. 




While you're at it, don't forget to find gratitude for the little things in life, bring colors that uplift you into your wardrobe and home, and reconnect with what gave you joy as a kid. Another great one is scattering joy to others, through your time, your care or your smile. Think of yourself as a joy generator and notice how your mindset moves to the positive. What else would YOU recommend to a good friend?





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