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10 Ways to Escape the Rut & Live a Better Life

Have you ever felt that you just needed an inspiration activation; and that life was getting stale, even soul-crushing at times? That’s actually an important wake-up call because it blasts opens the DESIRE to try something new“And the day came when the risk to remain tight In a bud was more painful than the risk It took to blossom.” – Anais Nin.   Let's jump into 10 ways to activate your inspiration, energy, and joy:


1. Reconnect with what brings you joy. What activities bring a smile to your face? What did you love to do as a child? Make a list of these and select one or two that you are willing to try. Set a date on your calendar, and even before you set out, visualize the fun you will have taking your inner child out to play.


2. Take in some inspiring information. If you love expanding and learning, set yourself up to do this. Watch a riveting documentary; listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Read biographies or inspirational quotes. You can even collect your favorites, and refer to them when you need a boost.


3. Journaling is a powerful way to reconnect with your intuition. Think of it as your Wise Self talking to your uncertain self. Ask questions like

  • What do you want me to know now right now?”
  • If you are struggling with some beliefs, ask What is the truth about these beliefs?
  • What do you want to tell me about my passion, purpose or even what my inner child needs to feel joyful?


4. Carry a notebook. You want to capture the clues from your intuition and remember the random inspirations that may pop up at odd times. Consider keeping a notebook by your bed to jot down dreams, or have one in your pocket or purse when you walk. Sometimes ideas come in the shower or on a run. This is a way to honor the receiving.


5. Go out and talk to people. Though the temptation may be to cocoon, it’s better, (and more fun) to engage. Talk to friends, strangers, join meet-ups with people that are passionate about an area you are considering. Volunteer for a cause you resonate with. You will expand your perspective and sense of possibility too.


6. Try something new and out of your comfort zone. It could be tasting a new cuisine, or taking a course in something you’ve always been interested in, but never allowed yourself the time (salsa dancing, an instrument, a language, cooking).  Train for a walkathon, try improv, listen to some new music... There are Youtube videos with music for creativity, for concentration and even for happiness. Go to a performance, movie, or karaoke – the list is as long as your imagination, but only you will know what you are curious about. If it intrigues you, if it scares you, explore it!


7. Change your surroundings. Travel – it’s great fun to plan a trip and learn all about a new location. Whether it is the town next to yours, or across the ocean – the distance does not matter. Learning, anticipation, and discovery are the cornerstones here.


8. Organize your abode. It’s liberating to get rid of stagnant energy. That could be clothes you no longer wear, household goods you will never use again, or even reorganizing where you work or create. Make it fresh – add some patterns (change the accent pillows), introduce colors that you love, flowers, photos that excite and inspire you. Make this your sanctuary, not just your place.


9. Get into nature. Even if you are not an ”outdoorsy” person, make it a habit to get outside. The combination of Vitamin D, movement, breathing, and what is known as “mind-wandering” not only relieve stress, but they help you improve your mood, find your calm center, and reconnect to your core self. Whether it’s going on a walk, gardening, or hiking, when you get into your body, you free the mind, and actually CREATE more room for inspiration to come in.


10. Level up your mindset. Instead of saying why “I can’t” try something new, try saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” The only permission you need is your own. Open the door to possibility. What if you were already in the process of expanding your world? It’s also important to go with the flow. Don’t have rigid expectations of “THIS outcome by THAT date.” Inspiration often happens when you don’t even try. So don’t put yourself down or lose hope if it comes and goes. Flow is the nonjudgmental state when you are so engaged In an activity that hours feel like minutes. Try spending more time there – that in itself is a recipe for joy.


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