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Find Your Purpose

passion presence purpose May 16, 2024


“What is my purpose?” is one of the most perplexing ques­tions we can ever face. We all ask it at one point or another, especially in times of transition.


it can take a lifetime or the answer can come right through in a flash of insight, Today, I have 5 distinct ways to find your purpose, and I'm excited for you to hear them, and see which one resonates with you the most. Let’s start with this ancient story that describes how the answer can come very...

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5 Ways To Find Your Purpose

life goals meaning purpose Mar 18, 2019

1. Heart wisdom - Ask what if? 

There's a story of a student and a master. One day, the student asks his master the purpose of his life. She answers, "Only you can find that, but knowing of your purpose is not found in your mind, but rather in your heart. 

"If you knew, right now, that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you most regret that you had not accomplished?"

He responded that he would regret not making peace with his family and not creating his own center for...

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