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An Unconventional Intervention

Have you ever wondered about the greater good and how each person can direct their energy and focus, even briefly to help shift the intense energy we are all experiencing?

If you have felt the energy around you intensified lately, you are not alone; most everyone everywhere is sensing the escalation. It can be expressed as anxiety – there is enough of that around, and it can also be directed to make things better. If there was one simple thing that you could do to effect positive change on a personal and global level, would you do it?


At this time, I want to give you a meditation that may be controversial and a stretch for some, but the interesting thing is that there is science behind it.

But first a story: my husband just went through a very serious eye surgery, and the doctors rebuilt over 75% of his lower eyelid. It turned out that he had a lot of friends and family wishing him well and sending good thoughts and intentions, even prayers that the operation would be a success. For whatever reasons: great doctors, thoughts, and prayers for his wellbeing, just plain luck, he came through beautifully. We are both relieved. I appreciate all the good wishes, and believe they matter. What if this stuff really works?


This is a very old idea – most traditions have something like it. Loving kindness or compassion meditation works the same way. How many of you are familiar with it – send me a thumbs up. You focus not only on your health and happiness, but you send love to someone else, someone whom you care for and sense what you love about them so you can feel your appreciation in your heart, then offer a wish or prayer to them. Next you can expand your heart to all of life, to people in your part of the world and indeed on the whole planet itself. Sensing our shared heartspace, in the words of Tara Brach, “May all beings everywhere be filled with loving presence, held in loving presence, know their deepest essence as loving presence, touch a natural peace, awaken and be free.” Research shows that lovingkindness or compassion meditation involves “visualizing kind wishes that express the intention to move from judgment to: caring, compassion and understanding of someone else.”

How does this help? Research states that

  • it leads to improved mood 
  • more altruistic behavior
  • less anger
  • reduced stress
  • A 2013 study at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle found that 12 weeks of this practice reduced symptoms of or PTSD, in veterans, as well as anger and depression. 

So sending out positive meditations to others makes us feel better. Now, this is where it gets interesting.


What if, we could use the principles of lovingkindness or compassion meditation to  extend our positive intentions and expanded heartspace to focus on the protective magnetic field around the earth? And yes there is one. According to Science Daily, in a January 21st, 2020 article, “New research from the University of Rochester provides evidence that the magnetic field that first formed around Earth was even stronger than scientists previously believed." The magnetic shield protects this planet and its water from solar winds and storms and other types of destruction - it needs to be strong. Which prompts the question:

Why should we care?

There's an expression, as above, so below. The thing is we are made up of the same stuff. A 2018 study published in the journal, Scientific Reports, highlighted research from the University of Munich which found that magnetic particles were scattered throughout the human brain. Everything is connected.


So here’s an invitation to stretch your mind and consider: what if we were not only affected by the earth’s magnetic field, what if we could influence it too?


How often do you feel that you are being bombarded daily by heaviness and negativity? What if there was something you could do, not only to make yourself feel better but to possibly influence positive change on a larger scale? 


This is about connecting with the magnetic grid of the earth and expanding your heartspace to send out signals, frequency waves of love, light, joy, peace, understanding, and compassion. Do you think our society could use a little more of that? So do I! 


By doing this visualization, you become active in intentionally creating an environment of peace. And as a benefit, you also get to calm down your own nerve centers. Imagine yourself as capable, wherever you are, of plugging into the magnetic field network and as you do, the grid itself carries the positive signals all over the world. Imagine turning on a light switch (you) that activates the wiring system in the whole house (the magnetic field).

So,  let's jump in.

Sit quietly in a chair, with your feet planted on the floor, and you may close your eyes. Connect with your breath. Breath in for four, exhale for a count of four, and hold for 4.  Repeat this a few times. In silence, you will connect to a feeling of peace; you may feel connected to something greater, maybe you even tap into a feeling of sacred oneness. 

Feel your heart expand with your intentions of sending out signals, frequency waves of love, light, joy, peace , understanding, compassion. 

As you intentionally send these desires into the magnetic network, that carries the signals all over the world. The grid carries our frequencies like the wiring systems in the house; it turns the lights on in the house.

You then plug that pure energy with the magnetic field around the earth, sending these powerful messages: love and compassion, peace and joy, understanding and empathy. Now visualize the grid lighting up not only where you are but it rapidly spread all around the magnetic field of the planet.


Feel the effect of lighting up not only your energy centers but that of the earth’s magnetic grid. You are actively dissolving negativity and bringing in light, hope and love. That capacity is already in you; you are turning it on. Take a moment to feel this activation inside every cell of your body and visualize the energized magnetic field. Take in the good feeling, the empowerment and the reconnection to the power of peace, and of love. When you are ready, open your eyes, and experience the positive energy with you throughout your day.




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