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An Unconventional Intervention

Have you ever wondered about the greater good and how each person can direct their energy and focus, even briefly to help shift the intense energy we are all experiencing?

If you have felt the energy around you intensified lately, you are not alone; most everyone everywhere is sensing the escalation. It can be expressed as anxiety – there is enough of that around, and it can also be directed to make things better. If there was one simple thing that you could do to effect positive change...

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Forgiveness = Freedom: 7 ways to reclaim your life

You cannot erase memories, but you can let go of the heavy energy that is attached to them.” – Yung Pueblo


No one can go through life without being hurt by another human - often it’s not intentional, but it can certainly feel that way. What do you do with those emotions? How do you transcend, forgive and move on?



Sometimes forgiveness has two levels – the more obvious is forgiving someone else who hurt us or someone we love. But...

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