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From Confusion to Clarity

emotions journaling mindset Jan 12, 2023

What better way to start something new than to get the direction and the answers from ourselves? Whether it's a practice you've tried or something new in your life, journaling has several aspects that make it so darn appealing:

  1. It helps get rid of emotional residue, by getting our thoughts on paper. Think of it clearing a traffic jam in the brain.
  2. It’s also a way of connecting to our inner GPS in order to receive greater clarity on any given topic.
  3. Journaling helps us create new habits that we want to adopt. There are so many applications: gratitude journals, journals to enhance creativity, promote productivity, strengthen mindfulness, track physical exercise and nutrition – the list goes on.


Some aspects of journaling may be familiar, and some may be uncharted, but the power of these practices is that they can change your brain to notice, take in and rewire your brain for a more elevated and contented life. If you are excited to know more, this is an invitation to jump into our monthly challenge – journaling is this month’s topic – at Patreon. And here are some ideas to get you started now:


1.GRATITUDE Journal: This is the one you may be most familiar with is. Did you know that research shows that when you write down several things you are grateful for you can increase your life satisfaction by 25%! Leave a notebook by your bed and summarize the positive things you noticed that day (usually 3-5 events), and then describe WHY. Including the reason why you’re grateful, reinforces that you are the source of your own happiness.


Psychologist Nancy Sherlong describes some great ways to use journaling to cultivate happiness, such as can also put an inspiring quote at the start of each page, and “envision what will fill the day with joy and meaning” which serves as a reset button for the day ahead. At night, reflect on what went well, and again, your role in that.


2. Morning Pages: Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way” popularized the practice of writing morning pages: 3 pages you write every morning as a stream of consciousness. Even if you start out by writing, “I have no idea what I’ll write about today,” soon enough your mind will begin to inform you of any worries, emotions, inspirations, aggravations, and hopes. It’s like clearing the brush from your pathway, so you can begin your day lighter.


3.To re-center: an excellent prompt is to bring yourself back to this moment through the senses: Jot down

- what do you see

- what do you hear

- what is a texture you can touch

- what do you smell

- what do you taste


4.Productivity Journals: These give you a daily outline to focus on. It often involves 3 goals for the day, as well as a daily theme. There can be a prompt for mindset. It may have a space for work goals, then projects around the house or for family. It’s more than a to-do list. Think of it as a mind map to move you into action.


5.Tapping into your inner guidance. One of the most potent features of journaling is that it gives you a way to access your Wise Self, the part of you that is peaceful and knowing, reassuring and kind. You can ask a questions like, “What should I know about this situation?” or “Future Self, Universe, God, Love, (whatever name you resonate with) how would you guide me in dealing with…” Then just put pen to paper and write. Don’t second guess or judge – just let it flow through you, and afterwards you can see what came through.


This is a wonderful tool. If you haven’t already, give it a try. Hop into a 7-day challenge at Patreon or explore the resources at Journaling.com! This simple practice can open your inner world – excited for you to explore it for yourself.








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