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From Comparison Into Joy

comparison joy mindset Jun 22, 2023

There’s no doubt that we live in a culture that is constantly comparing – what people have, what they look like, achievements, vacations, children, friends – it can be ridiculous! This is important because it chips away at our self-confidence.  All this is not only supported, but actually fueled by social media, and it affects not only ourselves (to the extent we let it) but also our kids, and the next generation. Enough already! Here are 5 ways to break free.


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From Confusion to Clarity

emotions journaling mindset Jan 12, 2023

What better way to start something new than to get the direction and the answers from ourselves? Whether it's a practice you've tried or something new in your life, journaling has several aspects that make it so darn appealing:

  1. It helps get rid of emotional residue, by getting our thoughts on paper. Think of it clearing a traffic jam in the brain.
  2. It’s also a way of connecting to our inner GPS in order to receive greater clarity on any given topic.
  3. Journaling helps us create new habits...
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An End to Procrastination

Everyone wants the feeling of freedom, but procrastination can feel like we are caged and can't find the key. We all get stuck in patterns, and those patterns become habits. Procrastination is the same thing. If you are procrastinating – that’s a verb; it’s an action you are engaged in. It doesn’t mean that you ARE a procrastinator – that’s not who you are on an essence level.


It’s the same as calling yourself an "angry person."...

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Confidence Even In Uncertain Times

Everyone knows someone who has been furloughed or fired. It’s an atmosphere that can eat away at your confidence. That's why it's SO important to keep yourself in a good place. Today we’ll be talking about 7 ways to stay strong or emerge even stronger in uncertain times.


  1. Life doesn’t happen to youit happens for you. If your company is laying people off or furloughing them, consider this an opportunity to look inside, and at what you would want to invest...
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