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Confidence Even In Uncertain Times

Everyone knows someone who has been furloughed or fired. It’s an atmosphere that can eat away at your confidence. That's why it's SO important to keep yourself in a good place. Today we’ll be talking about 7 ways to stay strong or emerge even stronger in uncertain times.


  1. Life doesn’t happen to youit happens for you. If your company is laying people off or furloughing them, consider this an opportunity to look inside, and at what you would want to invest your time in. What activities grab your interest and make you happy or in a state of flow? Gear your energies in that direction. There is a word: Advertunity: the opportunity within the adversity. What may seems like rejection is actually redirection. Use this time to align with what you want, who you really are, and how you can serve, enjoy, and thrive in an even better way. Shifting your perspective is one of the fastest ways to bolster your confidence and life satisfaction. Be open and let life guide you to where you need to be.


  1. Mindset matters - past disappointments do not have to define you unless you ruminate on them 24/7. Instead, use them as data points to learn from, rather than fuel to propel you into an emotional tsunami. A growth mindset means you are open to learning; you discover that challenges stretch your brain and make you stronger. Like a musician trying a new instrument, the more you practice something, the more you progress. Because "compare leads to despair," set small goals, feel satisfaction, and build from there. Instead of being hijacked by your mind, channel the power of your emotions to guide you forward. I discuss this in my latest book Emotional Advantage- Embracing all Your feelings to Create a Life You Love. For just a few days we are giving you the Kindle version FREE when you sign up for the Emotional Overwhelm course. Double fabulousness if you want to go deep. Remember, if you have a mindset that you're always learning, confidence cannot be snuffed out.


  1. Know Your Strengths and Develop Your Skills – First, remember what you love to do and are innately good at. What are a few of your top strengths? This also the time to bolster your skills. Think of the area you want to work in. What skillsets do you already have, and which ones do you need to cultivate? Take a free online course like  MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses),  or EdX classes (featuring free courses from MIT and Harvard), to learn more about the field you love. Surround yourself with 1 or 2 people who support your growth and encourage your dreams. 


  1. Face Your Fears - Now let’s talk about fear: If you have an innate fear, of certain areas –let’s say giving a presentation, rehearse the step by step in your mind repeatedly to train your muscle memory. (Think Beyonce and Sasha Fierce!) When the time comes, you’ll be way more at ease. Practice interviewing with a friend to desensitize your fears; and If you are in a job interview setting, which these days are often virtual, instead of psyching yourself out by “hoping you land the job,” focus on whether that position is the right decision for you. Plan your questions. You will come across as much more confident. Another great way of dissipating fears is to exercise regularly: yoga, walking, dance, whatever! Get those endorphins activated; that helps you keep calm and confident.


  1. Flexibility is an Asset - Like a willow, flow with the winds. Network with friends over zoom, or facetime, and see how you can boost each other. Consider short-term possibilities that help you now, and be proud of your resourcefulness. One expert states,” you might have been targeting a marketing role but with fewer people spending money, the company might be more inclined to hire someone for a communications role" during these times. Research, connect and serve. My friend was volunteering in an animal shelter, and out of the blue, she got a beautiful job offer.


  1. Know That Things Will Get Better and You Are a Part Of It – Your perspective and your energy impact your life, and that of those around you. Ask yourself, in the midst of all of this, what are you grateful for. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Nourish your resilience, by entertaining positive narratives of your own future. Where will you be, what brings you joy…? Journaling is a great help to drive this home as well as to detach from your thoughts and learn more about how you tick. Some great resources at www.journaling.com


  1. Bring in Positivity- Direct your energy in a visualization to intentionally activate positivity. A simple practice is placing your hand on your heart. Breathe in gratitude for someone, a pet, a situation, and feel your heart expanding with good feelings. Now share that feeling, like shining a flashlight from your bright heart aimed as what’s known as the magnetic grid around the earth, Imagine you plugging in and lighting it up by sending your love, and light, peace and joy, understanding and compassion. See the grid getting brighter and stronger. You did that – have confidence that you are a valuable part of the whole of life. You are more magnificent than you know. Make time to contribute your energy to activate positivity. This will connect you to your true nature and a confidence that goes deeper than you may imagine.




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