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How to Get Out Of Your Own Way

 3 steps to activate the best within you


We all have an ego - sometimes it feels like it's there to help you, but sometimes, especially as you evolve, you will find that it holds you back; it stands in your way. What can you do? First of all, what exactly is your ego? The ego is your sense of self, of self-worth - it's how you think of yourself. If you had to fill the blank: I am... stubborn, smart, boring, kind, don't fit in...These are stories you developed from...

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Confidence Even In Uncertain Times

Everyone knows someone who has been furloughed or fired. It’s an atmosphere that can eat away at your confidence. That's why it's SO important to keep yourself in a good place. Today we’ll be talking about 7 ways to stay strong or emerge even stronger in uncertain times.


  1. Life doesn’t happen to youit happens for you. If your company is laying people off or furloughing them, consider this an opportunity to look inside, and at what you would want to invest...
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