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How to End The Year With Positivity :)

Even if you’ve had a challenging year, (and who hasn’t) the end of the year is an opportunity to position yourself in the best way possible for the year ahead. Here are a few ways to wrap up the year equipped with greater awareness, presence and clarity. Who couldn't use some more of that?


Reflect on how much you’ve already achieved, and how far you have come. Reflect on the effort you’ve put in, the strength you’ve shown, and the subtle moments of grace you’ve experienced.


Celebrate your progress. Too often we go onto the next project, like hamsters on a wheel. Instead, look up and celebrate the growth and what you discovered about yourself. Think also about what you enjoyed, and what you want to do more of.


Practice gratitude – jot down what you are grateful for. Who has helped you out, in big ways and small? What are the moments that mattered.?


Reflect on lessons learned when things did not necessarily go your way. Lessons hone your instrument and give you the experience/wisdom you could never get from a book. They make you sharper, and smarter. Life is always the best teacher.


Write a letter to your future self with your hopes and dreams. This includes areas like:

  • for yourself
  • for your relationships
  • for your work/finances
  • for your creative expression
  • for your fun
  • for your hobbies/community work
  • for your spiritual life
  • for your friendships
  • for your family

 A) Don’t be afraid to leave logic at the door. Go with your heart and intuition.

B) Then, ask for guidance from your Wise Future Self on the next steps to take. You may be surprised at what you come up with.


Declutter your work, creative, or quiet space. Ask yourself what you are done with and what still interests you. Then in the coming weeks, you come back to your desk with a clearer mind, because our inner environment is decluttered too.


Set intentions, (not expectations) and go with the flow. Wherever you think about everything left to do, think also about all you have done. Sometimes the path is not straightforward -it bends and flows. Have self-compassion for the way things unfold, and TRUST that you are right where you need to be. “Flow like water, and you will find your way through or around any obstacle.”


Which one of these resonated with you the most?


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