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The Universe in Your Heart


In times of tumultuous challenges, we can either be swept up by the tides or learn how to ride the waves.  I am blessed with amazing kids who are learning these very same things (as are most of us!)  Yesterday I received calls from two of them: one who had seen a father taken from his family while his wife and daughter were helplessly sobbing.  Another spoke of internal alarms going off about the future of the postal system and what that could imply. They are feeling people, and yesterday it all felt like a little too much.


In an atmosphere of mistrust and fear, there's only one place to return to. That place is your refuge, your safe and timeless space, the universe in your heart.


This is an invitation to collect your energy back inside yourself, instead of scattering it in agitation and worry.  Instead of getting ensnared in someone else's agenda, you can return to your own center. Turbulence comes and goes, but your essential self always remains. Allow yourself time to be still, to reconnect, to remember who you are.  


Our challenge in wild times is to direct our energy rather than disperse it. 


We know that what we focus on grows; and that when we indulge in thoughts of fear, we are inadvertently fueling that which we fear. When we project fear, we escalate it.


Here are some questions:


What if, when you feel yourself falling into a scenario that evokes dread, you could intentionally change up your energy to strengthen the picture of a more positive scenario?


What if you could put your energy into the outcomes you envision;  and instead of ruminating on what is bothering you, you could choose to point your focus on what you want? 


What if instead of exploding or imploding, you could take your creative energy and channel it towards what you desire?


Imagine you could create a mental blueprint of a society you want to be part of, with all people being seen and heard, where there is room for fairness, peace, and empathy, where people highlight their humanity, and where that humanity becomes contagious. 


Imagine you could use your energy intentionally to increase the field of positive possibility: for yourself, for others and for the planet we share.


Directed energy, whether in the form of meditation, visualization, faith, or prayer is more powerful than we know. We can influence the energy field in surprising ways.


Here is a recent meditation to activate peace, joy, understanding, and compassion. I am doing it every day as my little way of being in alignment.  Try it for yourself. No matter where you are, you can have an impact. 


You can also fiercely keep the vision of the world you want.  With as much energy as you might normally put into fear, you can now replace fear with fierceness.


So what does being fierce really mean?


The Fierce Formula

Enjoy this easy way to remember how to manage your internal energy, (even if external chaos rises). Here's how it goes:

F - Focus on the world you want

I - be Intentional and unwavering in bringing this to mind

E - Energy redirected to what you want, not to what you fear

- Be resilient - there will be setbacks; get back on the horse

C- Commitment to your vision and the journey it will take

E - Your Enthusiasm sparks that in others too


You have the power to decide how you want to show up. Make the choice to maintain a bright outlook, and put your energy onto that. Project the positive.


And take action in ways you can - through choosing to manage your energy as well as through pragmatic and intentional movement. If you live in the United States, make it your priority to VOTE.


To sum up, you have a universe in your heart, and vast reservoirs of energy you can draw on. When more people realize their own energetic influence, we can all come into alignment with the best within ourselves and reconnect with the only real power there is - the power of love. 




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