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You don’t have to wait until things get bad…

Have you ever had a sense that something was off, that things we not quite right? It could be in a relationship, a work situation, or a nagging feeling about your finances or your health. If it’s not staring us in the face, we tend to look the other way; after all there are so many other things that need our attention. Either it's too scary to face the unknown, or we don’t want to leave our comfort zone, even if we know that it is not helping us grow… but it’s hard to break old habits. In actuality, our brains and neural pathways are shaped by old habits or limiting beliefs, and that tends to be what we default to. Many people are a prisoner of their unconscious habits, and it’s all across the board.

  • Do you know anyone who is carrying pretty high debt, but won’t give up the 5$ latte?
  • Have you caught yourself waking up in the night and scrolling through your feed, yet wonder why you wake up with no energy the next day?
  • Or is it the morning email “glance” that sucks you into the vortex, so there’s no more time to get in a run before the day begins? 
  • Or maybe you know in your heart that a relationship is toxic, but you can’t quite call it quits.

Do we have to wait for pain to make a change? Absolutely not! You do not have to wait until things get bad.


Steps You can Follow TODAY

  1. Pay attention to the whisperings of your heart, take a gut check, if you’re anxious, what is that telling you?
    1. Listen to your body – it is the first line of information – take an inventory of your energy – is your gas tank empty or is it full - and ask WHY.
    2. Did you wake up feeling down or meh or energized? Are you hungry, hangry, sleep-deprived – that counts too.
    3. On a scale of 1-10, with one being blah and 10 being super energized, what are you at today right now? This is not judgment –it is a practice.
  2. Focus on One: Next scan over the various areas of your life – family, career, health and fitness, friends, play, intimacy, community, and personal growth. Is there one that is screaming at you – pick me, pick me! I need some attention.

  3. Take Action: Think of one easy activity or action that you can take. Many times, when you act first, your mind will recalibrate. You are taking back your locus of control, so you are not at the mind’s mercy. What are some things you can do? Choose only 1 and do it.

  4. Clarify what’s bothering you with a friend or write in a journal.

  5. Gather information.

  6. Move your body and the stuck energy- see what ideas come to you

  7. Start that difficult conversation (bring your notes with you).

  8. Focus on small successes like cleaning out a closet.

Why? Inaction guarantees one thing – the problem will go underground and fester. It takes courage to look at the uncomfortable, AND you don’t have to wait until you are in a crisis – do some preventative problem solving. Many times we look back and say I can’t believe it got this bad, I should have seen the signs. Be brave, be bold, look for them and act. Awareness + Action -> Positive Change  



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