How Do You Forgive, What It Really Is, And Why It's Essential For Well-Being!

In the light of the recent tragedies and shootings, I want to give this topic context. Forgiveness is not to say that bad things are OK, that you have to forgive and forget. There are certainly events that you won’t be able to forget and which may even shape who you are. Today we are talking about real ways to move forward, and why.

There are many good reasons to feel angry, sad or betrayed. Maybe your parents were wounded and inadvertently passed that on, maybe a relationship has gone bad, maybe you had to deal with a traumatic event.  In her Ted Talk, Sarah Montana was in her teens when experienced her brother and mother killed by a friend’s younger brother. When she was dealing with the aftermath years later she realized, “The steel tether of trauma was still hooked in, and I was dragging him around for 7 years – the only way to get rid of him was to forgive him.”  It sounds easy, but how do you do it?  

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