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How to Get Stronger And Feel More Alive :)

fun strengths vibrancy Oct 12, 2023

 Lately, I have found myself mesmerized and yes inspired by these amazing women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, 80’s, even some 90’s who have great energy, and who radiate vitality. Strong, empowered, and having a blast. As I contemplate what I want for my next couple of decades, it turns out to be exactly that!


My friend and I are starting a friendly challenge about getting fit and getting strong, and... I’d like to invite you join us! It will run from now for 3 months, and it’s going to be a hoot!


We need things that excite us to fuel us forward, and that's personal for everyone. What hits me now, at this point in my life is the idea of building muscle which supports bones and helps with bone loss. (I have osteopenia and weight bearing exercise is highly recommended; it's also great for balance, mental fitness, and overall joy).


For me, the idea of getting fit and even ripped just makes me smile – I want to be STRONG and bust through the ageist stereotypes we have been conditioned to expect, since forever. I want to see myself in a new light.


But it could be anything: creative expression, taking that course you never had time for; learning a language, dance, Pilates, yoga, walking, gardening, finding a cause that floats your boat: climate change, community activism, mentoring a student, hugging newborns in a hospital.


Or it could be about creating something: a book club, movie club, bird watching club, hiking, or walking club– there are so many… What lights you up? What would be something new to explore? What you are curious to try, and why now? Let me know here or email at [email protected].


Stretching out of your comfort zone has so many upsides – feeling engaged, growing a new skill, and most of all in honoring what your heart is telling you. Note to self: it’s important to maintain a growth mindset. We approach all of this with a beginner’s mind – no pressure to perform. I will be starting with 3-pound weights and 5--pound weights, so you could say, there’s a good runway for growth. You may be way more advanced in your practice, and I applaud you!


This is about people supporting people and stretching ourselves in the great company of like-minded humans.


So, if expansion, strength, fulfillment, and joy are your goals, (what's not to love!) I invite you to grab a friend, or give yourself a high-five, and let’s do this! I‘m curious to know what motivates you now; send me an email to [email protected] th the idea that makes you


Action Tips!

  • Mental prep: Answer this - what does being stronger and feeling more alive look like to you?
  • Why do you want to do this? (What’s your why?)
  • Timing: Take the challenge yourself or with a friend – start now .
  • Mind Your Mindset – be your encouraging coach, not a critic. Even if you miss some days, jump back in - it does not matter!
  • Please send comments, photos – I’ll be cheering you on :)


We can do this! To your strength! To your joy!




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