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How to Get Stronger And Feel More Alive :)

fun strengths vibrancy Oct 12, 2023

 Lately, I have found myself mesmerized and yes inspired by these amazing women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, 80’s, even some 90’s who have great energy, and who radiate vitality. Strong, empowered, and having a blast. As I contemplate what I want for my next couple of decades, it turns out to be exactly that!


My friend and I are starting a friendly challenge about getting fit and getting strong, and... I’d like to invite you join us! It...

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Finding Your Hidden Strengths

We’ve all heard the saying that knowledge is power. But at the end of the day, knowing yourself is the most powerful asset there is. It sounds straightforward, right? But there's more to this story. 


It’s easy to know our weaknesses – the negative ego or critical mind has a great time with that! But knowing our strengths is often way more challenging for people to grapple with. Have you ever had someone give you a compliment and you had to minimize it,...

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