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Making the Next 10 Years the BEST 10 Years!


As a new decade rolls in, this is the perfect opportunity to reinvent your life according to who you are now and who you want to step into. What if you could create the most vibrant, alive, juicy, creative expansive decade of your life?

I’m taking a stand right now, and you can join this commitment to make the next 10 years the BEST 10 years. And to help jumpstart this I’m so excited to share a free video series to SET YOU UP! In this moment, though, consider what you are most excited about? What is one word that describes your hopes for this next decade? My word is FREEDOM, and it feels great just to bring that to mind.


Now, I want to give you a few ways to jumpstart your adventure...

Best Memory:   First, it's good to tune into where you are coming from and build on that. When you think of the last 10 years, what is your very best memory that comes to mind? Is it an event, a relationship, milestone, or the gift of an experience? is anyone else involved? Why do these particular memories bring a smile to your face every time you think of them?

Useful Challenges:   Next, what is one thing you have discovered about yourself, or your world in the past few years? Sometimes the most challenging situations stretch you into uncharted territory, which allows you to uncover what you are made of. What is one time when you faced a super tough situation, found a way through – AND discovered you were stronger than you thought? Change can be empowering.

Release the Old:  What is one belief you are ready to let go of? Not good enough, not enough time, too old, too young, holding on to anger... These are just thoughts in your mind; they do not define you. What thoughts and beliefs are you ready to release?

Bring in the New:  What is one thing you want to work on or do in the years to come: it could be something concrete, like: to paint, or run a marathon, it could be financial goals... OR it could be inner goals, like I want to be more patient, I want to love myself more, I want to be bolder, I want to be more peaceful. Take a second and think of what that might be, AND what is one thing you can do NOW to get that in motion?

That’s where the power is – thinking about your goal AND how you can move towards it. For me, I want to write my next book, and what I can do is to carve out even a little time for that every single day. That, I know, will move me forward. What is one goal that comes to mind? 

Live a no regret life: Bronnie Ware worked in palliative care and sat by the bedside of those in their last weeks of life. The regrets they spoke about are a wake-up call to look at our priorities, and make some shifts now to shape up the next decade. Which would you be willing to take on?

  • I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. Is there anything sadder than letting yourself down? When you have a dream, and you are healthy enough to go for it, celebrate and make the most of your precious time. That’s a call to action!!


  • I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. At the end of the day, the project, awards, even achievements matter less than those you share them with. Choose people over pursuit—make time for ALL of life. Say YES if you could use a little more play in your life!


  • I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings. When you hold yourself back to not rock the boat, and deny your voice, that’s when feelings can fester and turn inward, causing a deep­rooted sadness. Speak up, speak out—not only does it get easier, you will enjoy your life so much more.


  • I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. Though we like to think of ourselves as independent, the moments of connection and friendship are what we remember most. Don’t presume you have endless opportunities to give the people you love more time. We’re not in control of that. Who is one person that could use a call from you?


  • I wish that I had let myself be happier. When we realize that happiness is a choice, we can create the ways to let more of it to show up. There are two parts to this: 1. Accepting what is: and gratitude is a big part of that. What or who are you grateful for right now? 2. Designing what can be: what can you do or focus on to make yourself happier?


 The good news is we have so much more experience than we had 10 years ago, we now know what works for us and what does not. We now know that we can influence our future, and yes even our brains. In the words of psychologist Rick Hansen – “Mental states become neural traits. Day after day, your mind is building your brain.” We can do that together, starting right here. And I’m thrilled to let you know about a free video series designed to help you make this the best decade ever!  Sign up here!  Today! 

Today’s question is what is one goal for the next decade? Leave a comment below and remember, every day is a new day, but a new decade is a huge window of opportunity.  Make it vibrant, expansive and filled with joy - I’m cheering you on!



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