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5 Ways to Let it Go!

I’m busy cleaning out closets these days – so much stuff, so many memories, some things bring back tender memories, some are more painful! I’m calling this my Project Liberation. It’s a process of letting go of things that no longer suit me, who I am, and who I’m becoming. And while I’m still in the middle of it, I can see daylight and it feels good. So today, let’s talk about 5 ways of letting go, and how good it can make you feel too.



  1. Clean Your Closets – Out with the old, in with more spaciousness. Seriously, as Marie Kando states, “Does that old jacket at the back of your closet still bring you joy?” If not, free up not only space but the energy. You can do this by a ritual. Put a hand on your heart, and say thank you for all the joy something has given you in the past. And now it’s time, if you are passing it along or donating, for someone else to derive joy too. In this way, we are all connected. Send a heart if you are ready to de-clutter your life.


  1. Find Freedom: If a relationship increasingly feels like a huge weight on your shoulders, then you can do either of 2 things: change your attitude towards someone else by understanding WHY they behave as they do, OR by looking for just one thing you like about them. How? By either asking yourself what is the lesson here or by finding appreciation for one simple aspect about them. And build from there. For anyone getting over a breakup, life is guiding you forward. What did you learn about yourself and what you now want? Don't second-guess yourself. Know that there are better things ahead.


  1. Release the Guilt: For all those wearing a caretaker hat, is dealing with someone in your life incredibly stressful?  Let go of the guilt of having to be there 24/7. Though this is common knowledge, it’s not always common practice. You need time to refuel your own tanks, so you actually have something to give.   Let guilt go – it’s the negative ego trying to keep you where you are.


  1. Align with your goals: Nature is always changing. We are too. In some areas of your life, what used to be a good fit, is no longer right for you now. Think about what you now want for yourself, your family, your health, your work. Think about your spiritual life, your community, your creative expression, your communion with nature. Reflect on how you are changing and what are your new priorities and values. Be aware and then focus on what is calling you forward. In what area of life you want to do some letting go? For me the goal is aligning all these areas - it is exciting...


  1. Fill Yourself Back Up: Here’s a visualization for you. Imagine something that is no longer working for you, that you want to let go of as a dark or muddy color, the color of negativity. Where do you see it or feel it in your body? Does your head feel clogged, are your shoulders heavy, is there a sensation in your stomach? It will be different for everyone. Imagine that color concentrated there. Take a few deep breaths and on the 3rd exhale imagine that this color is being released from the top of your head, down through your body, into the ground. Feel the tension leaving you – it’s a relief. Now, imagine a ball of golden light above your head. Fill it with what you want: peace, clarity, joy, success, confidence, connection, vitality…whatever is relevant to you. Now allow that golden light to permeate your body, filling up the areas where you have let go of the negative energy. Sit with that new feeling of warmth, and lightness. Take it in… 

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