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The Universe Always Has A Plan


Amazing!! I recently interviewed Matt Kahn to talk about awakening in challenging times. If you don’t know him already, Matt is the author of the best-selling books Whatever Arises, Love That, Everything Is Here To Help You and The Universe Always Has A Plan. As a highly attuned empathic healer, his over 17 million YouTube channel viewers are finding support in healing the body, awakening the soul, and transforming reality through the power of love.


We spoke about how we are in a global wake-up call.


Matt’s comment: “Instead of just individuals going through this awakening in a world run by conditioning, we’re now experiencing the eroding of global conditioning, the eroding of humanity’s conditioning, the healing journey on a collective level…it’s allowing us really look at all the skeletons in humanity’s closet and all the pain that has been swept under the rug, and how can we as a species can heal together and recreate a world that truly works for all of us.” 


In his book, The Universe Has a Plan, Matt reminds us to trust in life, and that even hardships provide profound opportunities to align with our true nature.


We talked about emotional freedom. The old definition involves being free of painful emotions. Matt gives a fresh take, “Emotional Freedom is when you are so rooted in alignment with you soul, when you are so connected with your heart, when you are so rooted in your personal empowerment, that you are free to feel what arises and it doesn’t lead to the peril and pain and suffering of victimhood; it can be a deeper communion and a deeper relationship with each feeling, like a long lost friend you haven’t seen in a while.“ Making friends with every emotion is always a good idea.


In his book, Matt describes 10 Golden Rules of Letting Go, as a way of returning to who we are. I was struck by so many of the passages, that I have included a few here for you to enjoy.


Golden Rule # 1 – “You have done nothing wrong.”

This is all about self-compassion and compassion to others. Forgiveness opens many doors. We learn through our challenges, and he adds, “Once there is nothing that can happen in life to prevent the receiving of self-compassion, or restrict the offering of forgiveness, there is no further wisdom for adversity to teach you.“


Golden Rule # 2 – Those Who Blame You are Unhappy

“The people who need forgiveness the most are those people who treat you the worst, because they are the most entrenched in their egos. They are actually begging for emotional healing by lashing out at you… Your emerging light can become so potent within your being that you begin observing the innocent beauty of all as reflections of your awakening soul.”


Golden Rule # 3 – Hardships can be fast-tracked through moments of thankfulness.

Mantra: Thank you for this gift. Which suggests that everything we encounter is here to move us forward. “If at this moment I had everything I ever wanted, I’d feel exactly the same as I do right now.”


Golden Rule # 4- Feeling better helps everyone heal. Your happiness neutralizes their pain.

“Feeling bad for other people feeling bad doesn’t help anyone feel better. But, daring to feel good about the uniqueness and innocence of others helps those who feel bad to accelerate their healing.”

If you trust that your happiness is a service to others, your well-being will be an agent of change—a catalyst of growth that helps everyone heal.


Golden Rule # 5 - wellbeing is a signal that you are ready to embody your potential.

“My breath is the living presence of well-being. The more mindfully I breathe, the more alive I feel.” Don’t underestimate the power of the breath to return us to our most centered and aligned selves.


Golden Rule # 6 - The Universe Always Has a Plan

You aren’t sad because you are an unhappy person. You are experiencing sadness as part of your healing journey, to create space for more light to be embodied. You will receive everything you desire at exactly the moment in time it is meant to arrive.

There is a destiny. It is guaranteed, and it also requires your participation. It may include outcomes the ego may desire, but it can only be fulfilled by the light of your soul.


Golden Rule # 7 - Everything changes, but it only changes for the better.

“While the ego believes pleasure can exist only beyond the threshold of pain, the soul knows degrees of pain and pleasure often exist in the same exact space… I am able to see that everything changes me for the better, whenever I am still. Breathe in the challenges, and breath out whatever doesn’t serve us.”


Golden Rule # 8 – it’s Ok to dislike

“To use the internal experience of dislike as an opportunity to love and accept the part of myself shut down by the judgment of others… Dislike is the recognition that you are acknowledging something that seems foreign to your core values.”


Golden Rule # 9 – Projecting Anger drains you of energy

When dealing with anger we have choices,

“Say something or walk away or… deal with anger with creativity – anger is the expression of unexpressed passion. Art/creativity is the outlet for the emotional body to be channeled.

The inner artist says, ‘Here are the things I saw, felt, and survived, and here’s how it made me better.’ Art is the inner narrator of your soul’s evolution.”


Golden Rule # 10 – Love is Your Liberator

“Once my needs became my hole to fill, I was freed from believing others were acting from any other motivation than the nature of their journey. This produced an inherent level of respect for each and every being, no matter how differently their actions were from mine. The love I required was no longer anyone else’s problem to resolve; as a result, the notion of problem began dissolving from view. I was no longer seeing burden, conflict, pressure, or stress, but a world of innocent hearts hiding from their own love by trying to get it from another…

When love is your liberator, it is only the love that you cultivate within your own heart that sets you free from any pain created by the conduct of others.”


Altogether, this book is an invitation to step into the moment, to step into healing and above all to step into trust. When we can see through the lens of the heart, rather than the protective masks of the ego, so many insights arise. Life can be so much easier in knowing that The Universe Always Has A plan.


Enjoy More Matt @ https://mattkahn.org/,  




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