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Revealed: How Authenticity Can Transform Your Life and Happiness

Is authenticity the fast track to happiness? What does it even mean to be your authentic self? To me, it is that your outward actions and how you show up in the world are aligned with who you are on the inside. And by the inside, I mean your inner essence, your true nature, who you were born to be. One of my favorite quotes is “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  Mahatma Gandhi.


Yes, it’s a tall order,...

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Dare To Dream

Have you ever had a dream, but talked yourself out of it… too many obligations, so many distractions, not enough time? What we believe often becomes the lens through which we see life. But what if there was much more to the story, to your story?


What if you could hear the dream calling you and NOT snuff it out? What if your curiosity was greater than your self-doubt? Can you get your head around the idea that if you have a calling that keeps revisiting you, it is there for a...

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3 Ways to Manage Fear and Come Out Stronger

Sure there are many things to fear. There’s no denying that we live in uncertain times, it’s how we interpret our fear, the power we give to it, the weight we assign to it, that determines how it affects us. We have the power to dial it down in our own minds and interpret it in a way that serves us rather than crushes us. Here are 3 ways to deal with fear, that build on each other.  Let’s go!



1. Accept Your Fear

The first thing to do is notice what it is...

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