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There is no doubt that we are living in challenging times. Working from home, juggling schedules, kids, homework, and all the emotions that come with this new uncharted territory. When you or your family need a quick reset, to bypass the mind and get to a calmer place quickly, here’s something you can do yourself or together.


First of all, take a seat, or this can even be done lying down. Imagine a color that represents to you peace and calm and serenity and joy. What is that color? See it in front of you.


Now think of another one that, actually the opposite that represents stress, and fear and anxiety.


We have access to both of those states, anytime we want – which will we choose. Here’s a way to amplify the peace and let go of the stress, and again, it’s good for anyone.


Now that you have your color of peace and joy, visualize it coming up your legs, through your ankles, knees, thighs, pelvis. It is relaxing your stomach, lower back, like a warm cozy blanket, then moving into your heart. Feel that peace and comfort in all your cells, glowing with that beautiful color of peace. Your heart is calmer. Now, feel the color move into your shoulders, feel them relax, your arms, your fingertips – , then up your neck, and the inside of your head, now filled with that beautiful color of peace, and joy. You feel safe, you feel good, you are calm and serene. Feel that , experience it from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Take that in.


Very good. Now, imagine the color of stress – see it at the top of your head – it is a very different color and energy. What color is it? This color is doing something special. It is collecting all the stress you have been feeling, and it will be sending it down and out of your body.


So, see the color in your head, gathering all the fear, the anxieties, the bad feelings, and see it moving down your neck; again, like a magnet, it is pulling all the negativity into the color of stress. Now it is moving down further, into your shoulders, through your heart, gathering your upset feelings, and moving lower, through your stomach, your pelvis, down your legs, collecting all your stresses and moving it all downwards, like an invisible magnet.


Visualize the color of stress moving lower, through your thighs, your knees, that invisible magnet is strong taking that color traveling through your ankles, and right down to the center of the earth, - where all the negativity dissolves and dissipates. Feel the relief.


Now it’s time to fill in all those areas with your beautiful color of joy, of peace of safety and relaxation. Feel it coming through your feet – it is beautiful, soothing, and gently humming with positive energy.


It rises through your ankles, your knees, thighs, and pelvis. Your body relaxes even more, as you feel the peaceful color move into your stomach, up to your heart, glowing, nourishing every cell in your body, helping you feel a deep relaxation and peace. Feel it in your arms and your shoulders, up through your neck – all your tensions are dissolving.


Now the soothing glow of your color is moving through your head and there is nothing but peace, but calm but a deep relaxation. Take this in, see the color nourishing and soothing every cell of your body. You have let go of all your stress and replaced it with the wonderful feeling of peace, of calm, of serenity. This feeling is now in your cells, you can call on it whenever you want.


You can repeat this exercise whenever you need to. It just takes a couple of minutes and you are renewed. Use it for yourself, do it with loved ones, and know that every time you do this, your anchor this state even more, so it is easily there for you always.


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