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Is Your Ego Hurting Your Relationship?

The ego plays a big part in all of our lives. And it is a huge advantage to understand it better. This is the stuff we don’t talk about much, for a very good reason. By and large, it shows up as an unconscious reaction, when we get triggered. Since relationships can do that from time to time (haha), let's take a deeper look at what can help.




First of all, what is the ego? We are not born with an ego – it develops to help support/protect you when your...

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10 Ways to Deal with Disappointment!

Whether it’s the mess-up of New Year’s resolutions or an unexpected change in plans, maybe a relationship is changing, or the job did not come through, life is always changing – it’s how we handle it that matters most. Disappointment is not a destination; it’s just one part of the human journey. Here are 10 ways to bounce back faster, and reclaim your vibrancy, your hope, and your spark.


1. Accept that you feel disappointed – don’t try to sugar...

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