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10 Tips for A Happier (Mid)Life

habits happiness joy midlife Apr 04, 2024


What does happiness mean to you? Happiness is a lot of things to a lot of people, It’s a  perspective, it’s something we can train our brain towards, and it’s also a habit. The happiest or most peaceful people, share some similar qualities. Today, I wanted to give them to you in the form of 10 tips  to embrace midlife and Be Happier.  See which ones you already have, and which you want to dial up:


The happiest people:

Explore their creativity or...

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7 Ways to Embrace Midlife & Be Happier – Part 1


Happiness is a perspective, and it is also a habit. it's more instinctive than you may think.  


Have you noticed that as we get older, we may be changing some old, ingrained habits, and we really don’t care nearly as much about some of the things that bothered us before.

  • Like what will other people think.
  • Like getting everything on our to do list done.
  • Like exhausting ourselves to please all the people in our life.
  • Things are shifting...



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