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How to Stop Negativity in its Tracks

We all feel it from time to time: stress, overwhelm, disappointment, confusion, feeling upset. There are times when it passes quickly and times when it can feel like a dark cloud that never lifts.

The temptation, of course, is to muscle through it – keep calm and carry on, but that can sometimes just bury the feelings and then they emerge sideways or upside down or in ways we would never expect. OR we turn to numbing behaviors to self-soothe – like binges of any kinds from Netflix to shopping to exercise to substances; it’s across the board. If we are self aware, and we know our favorite distractions, we are ahead of the game. 

What if I told you there was another way, and it was available to you 24/7, cost nothing and did not take much time. Sounds good? From our friends at the Greater Good Science Center, it is called taking a self-compassion break.


Why does this work? With our negativity bias, we tend to notice the negative aspects more than the...

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